Offering a Full Line of Mushroom Compost Based Soil Products

Economical, Versatile & Environmentally Friendly

A Highly Fertile Medium for Landscaping, Gardening & Tree Farming

Pasteurized to Neutralize Pathogens & Weed Seed

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Fresh Compost

Fresh Mushroom Compost is a
fertile organic medium that is
an economical soil amendment.

Finished Compost

Finished Compost is wind-rowed and
turned to create a premium grade,
clean and stable compost product.

Top Soil Plus

Top Soil Plus is a safe, general purpose
mix that is a blending of composted
organic material and clean fill dirt.

Plant Mix

Plant Mix is a basic growing mix that
is a combination of Finished Compost,
pine bark and a bit of sand.

Mushroom Compost

A Versatile Product With a Variety of Uses

How to use Mushroom Compost …

… To topdress established lawns:
Spread 1" layer of Mushroom Compost over existing lawn and water thoroughly.
… To prepare new lawns:
Spread a 2" - 4" layer of Mushroom Compost over the area. Till in and water thoroughly.

… In potting mixtures:
Replace ½ of peat, or no more than 20% of total mix for potting soil, with Mushroom Compost.

… To topdress trees and shrubs:
Broadcast a 1" thick layer of Mushroom Compost the width of the plant canopy. Water thoroughly.

… On vegetable and flower gardens:
Spread a 4" thickness of Mushroom Compost evenly over planting area. Till in thoroughly to a 6" depth. Water in plantings.

… To plant or transplant trees and shrubs:
Mix one part Mushroom Compost with one part soil extracted from planting hole. Fill the hole with enough of the mixture that the soil level of the rootball is even with the ground level of the hole. Place the plant in the hole and fill in the sides with remaining mixture while watering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mushroom Compost?
Mushroom Compost is a byproduct of modern mushroom farming. It is composed of wheat straw, chicken litter, cottonseed hulls and gypsum. After these ingredients are thoroughly mixed together with water, the composting process begins. The mixture is then heat-pasteurized and allowed to condition. It is inoculated with mushroom spawn (equivalent to seed) then topped with a layer of fibrous native or Canadian peat. Mushrooms are grown in climate-controlled rooms. It is a precise and delicate operation. The entire process takes about twelve weeks. After the crop is harvested, the compost is once again pasteurized and sterilized to eliminate pathogens (disease) and neutralize weed seed.

Why use Mushroom Compost?
Mushroom Compost works very well enhancing your soil condition. If you've had trees removed from your property, it is the perfect soil enhancement before planting new grass. It is economical, versatile and environmentally friendly. It is more economical than the combination of peat moss and fertilizers. It naturally reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. It is a key element in creating a setting that ensures top quality, professional results in most planting situations.

Is it safe for the environment?
Mushroom Compost is environmentally safe. Due to its highly fertile nature, it reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Due to its high pH value, it reduces the need to treat soil with lime. Recent university studies have demonstrated that the use of Mushroom Compost greatly reduces the amount of nutrient runoff in the landscape. The all-natural ingredients of compost lessen the need to add harmful chemicals to the soil.

Why does Mushroom Compost work so well?
Mushroom Compost a is highly organic fertile medium. It has been heat pasteurized, or sterilized, eliminating pathogens (diseases) and neutralizing weed seed. The organic matter helps build soil in a variety of ways. It helps retain moisture, improves water uptake efficiency and the ability for soil to hold nutrients. It acts as a buffer to control root zone temperatures. It is able to stay cool in the summer by moisture retention and stay warm in the winter because of its dark color and organic matter.

What are the uses of Mushroom Compost?
Mushroom Compost is a versatile product with a variety of uses. It creates the best possible soil environment for landscaping. It is an excellent base for planting vegetable gardens, flower beds, trees and shrubs. It also works superbly as a ground preparation for laying sod, especially on fairways of golf courses. Commercially, it is also used as an organic fertilizer for organic farming, as a solid container for tomato growers, and as a soil builder for field-grown nursery stock. It is an economical substitute for peat in potting mixes and it is even a yield-improving product for bait worm farmers.

Where can I buy Mushroom Compost?
Quincy markets bulk Mushroom Compost from its Quincy, Forida, facility. From this facililty, we deal only in large volumes, selling to wholesalers or retailers. For smaller quantities, a network of authorized dealers has been established. The dealer network spans throughout Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

How can I become a dealer of Quincy Farms Mushroom Compost?
If you are interested in becoming a dealer of Quincy Farms Mushroom Compost, please click here and complete the form. We will contact you soon. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our dealer network.